How do I do this at my company?

Explore our Learning & Development offerings to support business leaders in practicing Conscious Capitalism.

Attend our local, regional and global events to learn and grow in community. Our largest gatherings are our Annual Conference and our CEO Summit.

Who else does this? What companies do I know?

We are a global community of business leaders and advocate from a wide range of industries including technology, manufacturing, corporate finance, food & beverage, human resources, retail, healthy & wellness, investment, hospitality & travel, and education. You can view a list of our Current Partners and explore the Stakeholder Maps of our some of our Host Companies.

What impact does it have on the success of my company?

Visit our Conscious Capitalism in the News section to read about the latest success stories and practical applications of this philosophy about capitalism in leading business publications such as Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc. and more.

How do I get involved locally?

Our engagement team is excited to help you plug into this growing worldwide movement and foster your passion to help build a world of freedom, harmony, prosperity and compassion with Conscious Capitalism. Whether you are a CEO, in management at your organization, an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or just starting your career, your journey matters and we are here to support you. Join the global Conscious Capitalist Community today!

How can my company get involved?

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is always growing and new Partner Businesses join us on a regular basis. If your company believes that business is the greatest force for good when practiced consciously, we would love to hear from you! Our caring community consists of originators, aggregators, and distributors of the best practices, the best minds, and the most open hearts in business – apply to become a Partner today!

How can I learn more?

Sign-up to receive regular updates on the latest news and updates on Conscious Capitalists around the globe and learn about our upcoming events and offerings. When you sign-up, you will receive regular updates on our local, regional, and global events including conferences, learning & development experiences, and opportunities to share your story. 

To learn about what shared values are important to this global community, please sure to read the Conscious Capitalist Credo and if it resonates with you, please sign it and declare your commitment to live and lead as a Conscious Capitalist.

To explore the ways we apply the Credo, check out the sections of our site dedicated to the four tents of Conscious Capitalism.

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What can I contribute?

If you would like to be considered as a speaker for a Conscious Capitalism event, please complete a profile on The Speaker Connection.

If you have suggestions or requests for Learning & Development opportunities, please email

If you have a story to tell about your Conscious Capitalist journey consider sharing your story of success and impact with your global community, your company’s story of stakeholder orientation, or even applying to publish your book with CC Press. We would love to shine a spotlight on you as a conscious leader dedicated to elevating humanity through your business.

I am a member of the media and I have an inquiry – who do I connect with?  

We appreciate your interest, press inquiries can be directed to