Conscious Capitalism Senior Leader Network Code of Conduct

The Conscious Capitalism Senior Leader Network is a global community of peers committed to elevating humanity through business. Senior Leader Network members must adhere to the Code of Conduct throughout their membership experience. If at any time a member needs support in understanding or interpreting the Code of Conduct, they are encouraged to reach out to their Member Success Manager.

– Contribute to upholding the Senior Leader Network Culture as laid out in the Senior Leader Network Culture Document.


– Do not solicit members or otherwise promote your products, services or offerings to members. This includes adding members to email blasts/distribution lists without expressly being asked to do so, as well as excessive self promotion. While business deals may be made, they are a byproduct of authentic relationships having been established.

– Keep private conversations in strict confidence unless explicit permission for sharing is given

– Whenever possible, make time for your fellow members by responding to inquiries in a timely manner

– Change RSVP responses to ‘no’ if you are no longer able to make a programmatic offering you’ve registered for. The experience requires participation and it’s essential that the SLN team have accurate representation of who they expect to join in conversations. If you’re unable to make a 1:1 conversation, cancel or reschedule.

– The Senior Leader Network is a peer-to-peer experience and members have been vetted and selected based on their values alignment and commitment to Conscious Capitalism. Do not assign hierarchy influenced by value judgments based in title, experience or the member’s Conscious Capitalism related priorities.

– Do not engage in discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender/gender expression, age, national origin, religion, disability, sexuality, socioeconomic status, education, marital status, language, veteran status, physical appearance, political ideology, life experiences, industries, background, ways of thinking, etc. 

– There is zero tolerance for harassment or derogatory behaviors of any kind. This applies not only to members, but to Conscious Capitalism, Inc. team members, speakers, event support and other associated stakeholders.

Violations of this code may result in loss of membership.

To report a violation in the Code of Conduct, please reach out to any of the following individuals:

Karen Sammon, CEO

Abby Schwalb, Vice President, Programs

Anna Stokes, Vice President of Marketing & Operations

Alternatively, you can report through this anonymous form.

When the Conscious Capitalism, Inc. team receives a report of Code of Conduct violation, it will take the following actions:

– A member of the CCI leadership team will reach out by email and/or phone to discuss the matter with a Code of Conduct reminder. This will be followed by an email communication documenting both the recorded violation and the outcome of the discussion for transparency.

– Should a second violation occur, an additional phone call will take place with a warning about potential membership termination. This will be followed by an email communication documenting both the recorded violation and the outcome of the discussion for transparency.

– After a third violation, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. reserves the right to terminate membership without refund.