Are you ready to build a movement of Conscious Capitalism in your city? This is where it all begins! We have created a program that allows a small group of business leaders to champion the formation of a Conscious Capitalism Community in their city through a series of events focused on the four tenets: Higher Purpose, Conscious Leadership, Conscious Culture and Stakeholder Orientation. The Community Program is centered around building awareness by connecting business leaders and discussing the key principles of Conscious Capitalism through virtual or in-person events. We provide you with comprehensive event toolkits, registration forms, and communication platforms to ensure you can focus on relationship building at the local level. Our Community Program Guidebook offers templates and best practices sourced from the broader Conscious Capitalism network. 

Over time, Conscious Capitalism Communities can grow into Chapters. This growth pathway is currently only offered for US based Communities, however, we are exploring ways to expand the Chapter Program to include more International Affiliates. 

Fill out the form below or check the FAQs for more details. We can't wait to grow the movement with you!


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