Conscious Capitalism Chapters

Chapters of Conscious Capitalists exist around the world to connect, inspire, and activate those in a specific geographic region. The number of Conscious Capitalism Chapters and Communities of Conscious Capitalists is constantly growing and evolving. Today, with over 50 established Chapters and Communities, we look forward to updating this page to bring you a more comprehensive look at each of them in 2019.


The purpose of Chapters is to connect, inspire, and activate
Conscious Capitalists in our community to put people back at the center of business. The vision of Chapters is to create a thriving, sustainable community of individuals committed to driving business as the greatest force for good in their city.


Chapters plan and host a minimum of 4 connection, inspiration and activation events; partner with locally based businesses practicing Conscious Capitalism. Chapters engage local businesses and business leaders to host events, tell stories of conscious leaders, and create an interconnected community of conscious businesses in a city.


We recommend all Chapters start as Communities first in
order to build a solid base of business leaders connected to the movement who are engaged and enthusiastic about building a events and activities to engage others and showcase the city's stories of conscious businesses,
leaders, and practices.


Chapters are led by formal Leadership Teams of 7-9 business leaders with defined roles and committees of volunteers to support the Chapter including: events, community partnerships, and communications.