What is a Co-Hosted Site Visit?

Co-Hosted Site Visits are multi-day, experiential events co-designed by Conscious Capitalism, Inc. and the Host Company to introduce executive leaders to the people, the processes, and the systems that make Conscious Capitalism a successful business model.

Business leaders will spend 2-3 days in personal interaction with the CEO, conversations with the executive leadership team, exposure and personal interaction with team members on the floor, a tour of the facility, sharing of best practices and challenges, and mastermind sessions on how to take this experience and crowdsourced practical tools into practice in their company.

Read about one attendee's experience at the Barry Wehmiller Site Visit.

Upcoming Site Visits

December 4-6, 2019

Is your company looking to create space for more innovation and purpose? Join us for an exclusive opportunity to experience the transformational effects of Conscious Capitalism at Clarke! We will explore the processes and systems that helped Clarke evolve its purpose and practice - going from a company known for killing mosquitoes to a company known for transforming the public health industry by creating purpose-driven, innovative solutions that protect communities and the environment.

November 5-7, 2019

Join us for an exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in the practice of Conscious Capitalism at Televerde! Go behind the scenes of one of the world’s most innovative businesses that is giving formerly incarcerated women a second chance while growing a profitable business built on the values and growth potential of the Higher Purpose and Stakeholder Orientation principles of Conscious Capitalism.

"Kudos to the Conscious Capitalism team for putting on a phenomenal learning opportunity and inspirational experience with the Greyston Bakery Site Visit last fall! The group size was perfect - we were small enough to have meaningful, intimate conversations, yet large enough to allow for diverse viewpoints and stimulating conversations. I was impressed by the range of backgrounds of my peers in the group and met wonderful people who are all aligned around Conscious Capitalism."

Hope Kahan

Operations Director, Satori Capital

Are You Interested in Co-Hosting a Site Visit at Your Company?

Work with the Conscious Capitalism, Inc. L&D department to design a multi-day learning experience and collaboratively determine a revenue share and joint marketing program in order to invite senior business leaders from mid-market companies.

*We are currently accepting up to 2 companies per year.