- Starting a -
Conscious Capitalism Chapter

Our Chapters engage with the movement by hosting events that bring their local Conscious Capitalism community together.  The intention of these events is to change both the narrative and business practices of Capitalism in alignment with the four tenets as explained in our Introduction to Conscious Capitalism.

Where to Begin

Step 1:

Check the list of existing Chapters to make sure one does not already exist in your area.

Step 2:

Attend a Conscious Capitalism event organized either by Conscious Capitalism Inc. or another Chapter to see what it is like.

Step 3:

Recruit 5 - 10 other individuals dedicated to starting a Chapter with you.

Step 4:

Complete the Online Chapter Application.

Chapter Application

Conscious Capitalism Inc. will respond to all applications to evaluate the vision and alignment of the prospective Chapter, ensure the founding members are set up for success, and discuss next steps!

For more details on the process of becoming a Chapter please reach out to CCI’s Community Manager, Jess Peabody: