These resources are available for all official Conscious Capitalism Chapters:

2017 Conscious Capitalism Chapter Handbook:  A resource for all Chapters at all stages that includes a sample strategic plan.

Forming a Chapter Information:

CC Intro:  An introduction to Conscious Capitalism.

CC Credo:  And introduction to the philosophy of Conscious Capitalism.

CC Chapters – Required Reading: Introductory resources and material for learning about Conscious Capitalism.

CC Chapters – Social Media Guidelines: A social media style guide with content suggestions.

CC Chapter – Communications Guidelines:  A guide for Chapters ensuring clear and consistent representation of the ideas underlying Conscious Capitalism.

CC Chapter Website Worksheet:  A worksheet to be completed by the Chapter and sent to to request a website be built.

CC Chapter Website – a La Carte Pricing:  A guide to pricing to have additional features added to your CC Chapter Website

Fundraising 101 for CC Chapters:  A presentation from a webinar that provides helpful background about nonprofit fundraising and strategies specific to CC Chapters.

Conversation with CC’s co-CEOs: A conversation between CCI Co-CEOs Doug Rauch and Alexander McCobin that explores Alexander’s background and how he plans to move the Conscious Capitalism movement forward.

Existing Chapter Information:

Chapter Annual Report:  Link to CCI’s official form.

Conscious Capitalism Inc. Annual Report:  Document of the CCI 2016 Annual Report release on March 2, 2017.

Seed Funding Application:  Link to CCI’s official form for full status Chapters to submit proposals for seed funding to invest in innovative projects that can grow the Conscious Capitalism movement.

The Joy of Fundraising:  A PPT presentation from Elana, CCI’s Chief Advancement Officer on the February 2017 Chapter Leader Check-In Call.

Event Partnership Process:  A description of the process, relationship, roles, and responsibilities of the Chapter and CCI when partnering on a large scale event.

8 Steps to Plan an Event Tool: A worksheet for Chapters to kick off the planning process for large scale events.

Chapter & CCI Event Partnership Application:  Link to CCI’s official form for Chapters to submit proposals for partnership with CCI to host an event.

Speaker Request Form:  A form for Chapters to submit if they are asking for assistance from CCI to acquire a speaker for an upcoming event.

Adding Chapter Events to CCI Website – Job Aid:  A step by step guide on how to add a Chapter event to the CCI website.

Chapter Tax Acknowledgement Template:  A template for Chapters to use when issuing tax acknowledgments for sponsors or donors.  Must be saved as a PDF when sent.

CC Ambassador Training Guide:  A description of the Ambassador Training initiative and instructions on putting a workshop together.

CC Ambassador Training PPT:  A PDF of the PPT presentation.  Email for the original file.

Conscious Capitalism Chapter Committee 2016 Report:  A report summarizing the findings from Chapter Committee’s outreach to Chapter Leaders in 2016.


CC2017 Promotional Materials for Chapter Use:

General Approved Graphics for Chapter Use: