These resources are available for all official Conscious Capitalism Chapters:

2017 Conscious Capitalism Chapter Handbook:  A resource for all Chapters at all stages that includes a sample strategic plan.

Forming a Chapter Information:

CC Intro:  An introduction to Conscious Capitalism.

CC Credo:  And introduction to the philosophy of Conscious Capitalism.

CC Chapters – Required Reading: Introductory resources and material for learning about Conscious Capitalism.

CC Chapters – Social Media Guidelines: A social media style guide with content suggestions.

CC Chapter – Communications Guidelines:  A guide for Chapters ensuring clear and consistent representation of the ideas underlying Conscious Capitalism.

CC MVP Chapter Website Worksheet:  A worksheet to be completed by the Chapter and sent to to request a website be built.

CC Chapter Website – a La Carte Pricing:  A guide to pricing to have additional features added to your CC Chapter Website

Fundraising 101 for CC Chapters:  A presentation from a webinar that provides helpful background about nonprofit fundraising and strategies specific to CC Chapters.

Conversation with CC’s co-CEOs: A conversation between CCI Co-CEOs Doug Rauch and Alexander McCobin that explores Alexander’s background and how he plans to move the Conscious Capitalism movement forward.

Existing Chapter Information:

CC2017 Chapter Leader Training Presentation:  A link to the PDF of the PPT from the Chapter Leader Training in Philadelphia.

Chapter Annual Report:  Link to CCI’s official form.

Conscious Capitalism Inc. Annual Report:  Document of the CCI 2016 Annual Report release on March 2, 2017.

The Joy of Fundraising:  A PPT presentation from Elana, CCI’s Chief Advancement Officer on the February 2017 Chapter Leader Check-In Call.

2017 Chapter Event Handbook:  A guide for hosting a large scale Chapter conference.

Event Partnership Process:  A description of the process, relationship, roles, and responsibilities of the Chapter and CCI when partnering on a large scale event.

8 Steps to Plan an Event Tool: A worksheet for Chapters to kick off the planning process for large scale events.

Chapter & CCI Event Partnership Application:  Link to CCI’s official form for Chapters to submit proposals for partnership with CCI to host an event.

Chapter Conference Run of Show Template:  An editable 1-day conference template that documents the details of when each part of your event happens and all day-of roles and responsibilities.

Speaker Request Form:  A form for Chapters to submit if they are asking for assistance from CCI to acquire a speaker for an upcoming event.

Adding Chapter Events to CCI Website – Job Aid:  A step by step guide on how to add a Chapter event to the CCI website.

Chapter Tax Acknowledgement Template:  A template for Chapters to use when issuing tax acknowledgments for sponsors or donors.  Must be saved as a PDF when sent.

CC Ambassador Training Guide:  A description of the Ambassador Training initiative and instructions on putting a workshop together.

CC Ambassador Training PPT:  A PDF of the PPT presentation.  Email for the original file.

Conscious Capitalism Chapter Committee 2016 Report:  A report summarizing the findings from Chapter Committee’s outreach to Chapter Leaders in 2016.

General Approved Graphics for Chapter Use: