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Radial Resonance Rule

Suzy Batiz

Suzy Batiz, founder and CEO of Poo-Pourri, spent most of her life building her businesses like most entrepreneurs do— through excruciating hard work. And exquisite busy-ness. Then after years of self-work and curiosity, Suzy discovered a quantum upgrade to stress and striving, a way of doing business that’s naturally easy.
Today, Suzy faithfully operates her life and her business based on this principle that she calls the Radical Resonance Rule™.   Suzy’s practice has resulted in a more abundant, more vibrant life and business for not just herself, but for her employees. She will walk you through how to determine resonance, implement this method easily into your own life and business with immediate benefits. Radical Results Guaranteed!



Conscious Innovation: How Your Purpose, Organizational Framework and Culture Can Accelerate Innovation and Liberate Organizational Potential

Mauricio Goldstein & José Luiz Weiss

Developing innovative products and services and sustaining an environment where innovation is a way of life is one of the fundamental business challenges of our times. Conscious Innovation is a solution to this challenge: it combines the creation of an organizational frequency that fosters innovation with a method to respond insightfully to breakthrough questions.

In this interactive session, we will introduce and deepen participants’ ability to understand and apply Conscious Innovation in their own organization. You will learn how to leverage the tenets of Conscious Capitalism that are present in your company and develop the particular cultural traits, organizational frameworks and leadership capabilities that will liberate your organization’s innovation potential as well as how to apply this insightful method to specific projects and business challenges. Our approach was created based on years of research in US, Europe, Israel and Brazil merging both the study of innovative organizations and ecosystems with the field of consciousness.

Best suited for leaders of medium and large businesses where unlocking innovation is a challenge.



Re-Imagining Law

Mark Grannis

Our dominant cultural view of lawyers casts them as gladiators or mouthpieces who represent their clients without any sense of higher purpose. At worst, they are sharks; at best, they are morally neutral actors whose efforts are good when the clients are good but bad when the clients are bad. This presentation offers an entirely different way of imagining law and lawyering, one that recovers the higher purpose of lawyering as an activity that expands human freedom, promotes commerce and social cohesion, and mediates constantly between the culture we have and the culture we wish to create and may only dimly discern as a future possibility.
After recovering the higher purpose of lawyering, we will consider the institutional reasons why most lawyers today don’t seem to live up to that purpose. We will see that the principles of Conscious Capitalism go a long way toward creating a new kind of firm in which individuals can be alive to the cultural significance of what they do. This should have practical implications for the way businesses incorporate legal affairs into their company cultures, and for the way Conscious businesses structure and operate their own in-house legal departments or select outside counsel.




Composing Cultures of Engagement

Curtis Hite

Even within the community of ‘conscious’ businesses, sustainable employee engagement remains a continuous challenge. While an organization’s leaders are often motivated by ownership and purpose, it is difficult to inspire the same commitment from employees.  Furthermore, it is even more difficult to objectively measure.
During this session, we will introduce several practices and tools that can be used to consciously compose employee engagement. In particular, leaders, who aspire to engage employees with purpose or values, will benefit from both simple practices that can be implemented immediately and more complex tools/systems designed significantly increase engagement on a measurable and sustainable basis.
Best suited for the small, medium business or a division within a larger business.



The 21st Century CEO: How to Accelerate Business Growth Through Conscious Personal Leadership

Simon Mainwaring

The rise of purposeful business has placed an ever greater burden on the C-suite to practice conscious leadership, both to build a culture that employees want to be a part of and to create a brand that engages and inspires values-driven Millennials and Gen Z customers. In fact, business growth is increasingly being driven by the ability of leaders and brands to transcend their products, services and categories to shape culture in positive and impactful ways.

During this interactive practicum, We First founder and New York Times bestselling author, Simon Mainwaring, will reveal practical and actionable ways for leaders to align their personal and company purpose; to integrate that purpose throughout their organizations to accelerate employee productivity and advocacy; and to lead cultural conversations that position themselves and their brands to lead industries and the future. As an outcome, each attendee will leave with a clear understanding of the mindset, practices and opportunities of being a 21st Century leader who accelerates growth and impact.

Suited for leaders of small businesses, high growth companies and large corporations.



Think Like a Leader

Brian Wellinghoff

The antidote to mixed perceptions (“getting everyone on the same page”) is an organizational vision or purpose, a Why.  Yet once we know this Why, how do we align to it?  Better yet, how do your people?  Our Why can be a powerful inspirational tool to ourselves and those in our span of care, but only if we know How to utilize it.  In this fast-paced, interactive session, you will engage in a series of facilitated exercises to experience Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute’s approach to inspiration through leveraging your Why.  Brian Wellinghoff will share insights, examples and hands-on tactics learned throughout Barry-Wehmiller’s expansion into a global firm comprised of 81 acquired companies–united by a single, vibrant, people-centric culture.  Learn how to inspire your people through aligning to a collective Why and helping individuals discover their personal Why.
Learning Objectives include understanding how perception impacts results and how the Why can bring clarity; correlating your personal sense of purpose to an organization’s purpose; inspiring others with your story beyond the product or service of the organization; utilizing your Why as a filter to make decisions, big and small, developing a systematic approach to align everyone in the organization to the Why.
This practicum is best suited for leaders with a strong sense of personal inspiration who are looking for new techniques to deeply engage team members at all levels for the organization to create a lasting impact for all stakeholders