Awakener Course
Awakener Course

Awaken your organization. Change our world.

Visionary businesses are stepping up to lead the effort to build a more thriving, just, and sustainable world, and they are engaging and empowering their people toward a Higher Purpose in their work and in their lives. CCU is partnering with the Business Engagement Initiative of Pachamama Alliance to provide our community special access to their powerful course workshop, Awakener.

 Awakener Online Company Course is a unique interactive workshop that wakes people up to the challenges of our time, inspires them with a new vision for the future, and empowers them to play a role in bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.


Composed of a series of powerful videos, exercises and discussions, the course includes unique insights from global thought-leaders like Desmond Tutu, Thich Nhat Hahn, Paul Hawken, Joanna Macy, Lester Brown, Van Jones, and many more.  During the course, participants look squarely at the state of the world—where we are and how we got here—and explore what role they can play in bringing forth a thriving and just future for all.

 Taken as a company course, Awakener is a powerful organizational experience that cultivates a rich environment for teams to connect to an expanded sense of Higher Purpose and capacity to make a difference individually and collectively.  Participants leave the course awakened, inspired, and empowered to act.

Who Should Enroll?

 If you feel the importance and the urgency of helping bring forth a just, thriving, and sustainable world for all - then you will find Awakener to be an inspiring and empowering course for helping you, your company, and the institution of business become catalysts in this vital shift.

The Awakener Online Company Course is optimally experienced by groups who can watch on their own time, but convene together to foster an ongoing conversation of individual and organizational awakening.  We are now offering the group option (in 10-pass bundles) at a special 20% discount for Conscious Capitalism members.

 The Awakener Online Company Course group bundle includes the following benefits:

  • 10 course passes to share with selected team members
  • Your own group dashboard to invite, manage, and track your participants
  • Options for a custom follow-up convening/webinar
  • Coaching and technical support from the Awakener engagement team

Pricing for Conscious Capitalism

Regular price: $1,235

CC member price: $988 - 20% discount

(Use the coupon code CC20)

Inner.U Online Coaching Course
Inner.U Online Coaching Course

Conscious Leadership is at the heart of the practice of our philosophy. While all four tenets of Conscious Capitalism are paramount to success; the conscious leader is often the driver of the effort, building a nourishing conscious culture, supporting the stakeholder ecosystem, and elevating the organization toward its higher purpose.

Leaders who inspire, foster transformation, and bring out the best in those around them understand that their role is to serve the purpose of the organization, to support the people within the organization and to create value for the all of the organization’s stakeholders. That’s not always easy to do, in fact, it’s fair to say that it’s never easy to do.

So, how do they do it? More importantly, how can you do it?

It starts with the knowing yourself.

Conscious Leaders commit to a lifelong journey of self-awareness. A journey that is often uncomfortable and requires leaders to stretch their skills and develop new strengths in order to serve others as best as they can. It’s a journey that will require an ongoing, honest, and deep internal exploration of personal motivations, life experiences, and ultimate desires in order to serve with integrity and find alignment to live and lead according to the Conscious Capitalist Credo. This is why CCU is partnering with a world-class executive firm, Handel Group, to provide our community with a quintessential tool for Conscious Leadership development - Inner.U.

What is Inner.U?

Inner.U is an online coaching course that will support you on your journey of self-awareness. The ultimate tool to help you know yourself better, Inner.U will help you to take your leadership, your team, and your company to the next level of elevating humanity through business.

Thousands of people around the world including senior management of major corporations, top universities and leading entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries such as Stanford Graduate School of Business, MIT, Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Sequoia, Vogue, LinkedIn, Dropbox and Citibank have seen tremendous success thanks to Inner.U.

Who should enroll?

If you are a Conscious Capitalism advocate and you would like to deepen your self-awareness and leadership practices or are looking to help your team adopt Conscious Capitalism principles, you will definitely benefit from this interactive online course with lifetime access. Email us if you have any questions. {If you are interested in connecting your entire team with this offering, email us for special bulk enrollment rates.}