At its most basic level, "Consciousness" is "the quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself". Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is committed to ensuring the environment of convenings under its name are met with a strong sense of consciousness and thus expect participants to adhere to these Guiding Principles:

  • All persons participating in, supporting or in the vacinity of a Conscious Capitalism, Inc. event should be treated with respect and dignity regardless of gender, sex, age, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual preference or identity, education, ability, marital status or professional or income level.
  • We celebrate diverse life experiences and ensure that all voices are valued and heard. Participants should feel safe with and welcomed by other participants throughout event programming.
  • The Conscious Capitalist community is remarkable. Conscious Capitalists are by nature, encouraging, supportive and desiring of success for fellow Conscious Capitalists. Whenever possible, event participants will facilitate connections, offer resources, collaborate and otherwise work to build an ecosystem of like-minded business leaders to reach goals that may not be identical, but are aligned for positive impact. While business deals may be made, the primary purpose of convenings is not professional or financial advancement, but for gaining knowledge, building connections, creating community and establishing resources for the purpose of elevating humanity through business.

By participating in a Conscious Capitalism, Inc. event, participants agree to abide by its Guiding Principles. If you have concerns about violation, please contact a Conscious Capitalism, Inc. staff member directly.