Grab a Friend (or 3) and Race to Philly!

Chapter Members attending CC2017 can earn $100 toward expenses for every conscious colleague registered by April 12th. Top three referring members are invited to a pre-event luncheon with Conscious Capitalism board members, speakers, and sponsors!


Get started in 3 easy steps.
Step 1

Share CC2017 with your colleagues or clients by using a unique URL from your Eventbrite account on Facebook, Twitter, newsletters and emails.

Step 2

When your colleague registers, you will be notified. For every new registration, you will earn a $100 credit and they’ll save $300 off registration to CC2017.

Step 3

 At the end of the event, your earnings are transferred to your own Paypal Account to pay for expenses or that big round of drinks you bought for all your new friends in Philly!

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