Established in 1999, the Stagen Leadership Academy trains leaders who are committed to long-term personal development and using their organizational platforms for positive impact. We specialize in delivering high accountability programs for leaders serious about changing themselves as well as their organizations. Our members reject conventional “silver bullet” approaches to leadership development and choose the path of disciplined practice.

In 387 BC, Plato established the first university in the Western world, called the “Academy.” He based it on the notion that each person has the potential for greatness born of self-knowledge. Inspired by this classical Greek approach, our training programs are designed to expand a leader’s capacity for wisdom, compassion, and courage.

​Higher Purpose

At Stagen, we’re committed to the rare breed of leader who envisions the work to be done over ten, twenty, or even thirty years — thinking in decades, not years. We serve Conscious Capitalists who recognize the power of indefinite time horizons, and who feel called to use their organizational platforms for long-term positive impact.

Rand Stagen


Conscious Leadership & Culture

ILP: Integral Leadership Program

The Integral Leadership Program (ILP) is a high-accountability 52-week program that seamlessly blends in-person quarterly workshops with our proprietary technology platform, self-directed learning modules, one-on-one executive coaching, and peer learning.

ALP: Advanced Leadership Program

The Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) is ideal for individuals who are prepared to engage in deep emotional, psychological, and spiritual work. The program is available to Academy members who have completed the ILP and demonstrated readiness for mastery-level training.

FLC: Foundational Leadership Course

The Foundational Leadership Course (FLC) is a 12-week offering that combines video-based learning with small group discussions and weekly online accountability. This leader-led course is available to ILP graduates who are committed to sharing Stagen’s core principles and tools with their own teams.

FLP: Foundational Leadership Program

The Foundational Leadership Program (FLP) is a 12-week offering delivered by Stagen faculty to support individual contributors or managers from a single organization. The program (limited to 20 participants) starts and ends with full-day in-person workshops and leverages Stagen’s curriculum and technology platforms to promote individual and team development.

SCLP: Social Change Leadership Program

The Social Change Leadership Program (SCLP) is an open-enrollment 52-week practice-based program designed to amplify and elevate the voices of powerful women leaders. Program components include in-person quarterly workshops, social change learning modules, technology platforms, one-on-one executive coaching, and peer learning.

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