Round Table Companies is a business solutions provider that approaches complex business challenges through the lens of storytelling. We believe that culture, engagement, stakeholder alignment, purpose, and leadership are all entirely influenced by the stories we tell ourselves and those we work with and work for. At RTC, we guide individuals and organizations in the revision of their stories — both within the company and externally to the market — so engagement is heightened, ideal stakeholders are magnetically attracted to the organization, wasteful spending is reduced, and innovation is catalyzed. Some of the manifestations of our brand storytelling work include books, documentary films, narrative podcasts, art installations, and graphic novels. Our clients include Microsoft, ADP, Zappos, Magoosh, Marshall Goldsmith, Marketo, PayActiv, Terlato Wines, and a wide range of other thought leaders and organizations working hard to better our world.

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. and Round Table Companies (RTC) have partnered in the launch of Conscious Capitalism Press, a publishing imprint to support businesses at large, the Conscious Capitalism community, and our shared goal of elevating humanity through business.

​Higher Purpose

To tell the story behind your story.

We practice our purpose by leading with LOVE, which breaks down into our four company values:

- Lean into learning
- Own it
- Vulnerability
- Elevate to brilliance.

We approach our agreements to customers with a conscious model practiced by our attorney Glenn Meier —founder of the Center for Legal Consciousness — that outlines the mission we are striving for, the values we will share in approaching our work together, and how to address change and disagreement when it arises. Through our provocative branding we attract transformational work and relationships and repel purely transactional business. Our deep relationships with our stakeholders allow us to learn from one another while we work together, ultimately creating incredible value for all we impact together, including one another.

Corey Blake

CEO and Founder

Kristin Westberg


Conscious Leadership & Culture

Corey and Kristin both come from backgrounds outside of business: Corey, from the world of acting, and Kristin, from the world of academia. When they found themselves working together to lead RTC, despite Corey's performance and stage experience and Kristin's three degrees (including two Masters, and a degree in Human and Organizational Development, specializing in leadership and organizational effectiveness), creating a conscious business was not intuitive. Like many young companies, for years, RTC tossed aside its core values when they became inconvenient. Then, in 2014, Corey attended his first Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit and both he and Kristin started down a more rigorous path of personal development, engaging in work with the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and both attending the Stagen Leadership Academy.

RTC uses The Entrepreneurial Operating System model (EOS) to support the organization's infrastructure, which is particularly beneficial to team members who may not have a background in business. As a company, RTC believes that "Vulnerability Is Sexy", and leadership and employees work hard to lead with vulnerability as a tool for personal development within the organization as well as with clients.

Stakeholder Orientation