Elevating Humanity through Blogging


Welcome to the new Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Blog!

This is where we will share with the Conscious Capitalism community a regular supply of thoughtful and compelling content to help advance the purpose of our movement, which is to elevate humanity through business. And, yes, since it has yet to be officially named, you will get a chance to put your creativity to work and suggest one as part of our CCI Blog Naming Contest…keep reading to find out how.

The launch of this Blog is just one of many commitments we are making as part of CCI’s 2017 Strategic Communications Plan. As you will experience in the coming months, CCI is renewing its focus on providing you–the movement’s extremely dedicated members–with every bit of information and empowerment we can to spread the good word of Conscious Capitalism.

Each month, we will pursue creating, curating and sharing content based on themes either directly or indirectly associated with advancing Conscious Capitalism. Our goal is for that content to be inspiring and, as often as possible, actionable. This content will come in a variety of forms:

  • Original editorial articles, written by CCI staff, Chapter leaders and members
  • Profiles of businesses exemplifying Conscious Capitalism
  • Exploration of lessons learned from past spring conferences and CEO Summits
  • Third-party editorial and video that aligns with Conscious Capitalism principles
  • Detailed updates on CCI and Chapter events

Corresponding with the beginning of a New Year, January’s theme is “Reflection and Renewal.”

In the closing months of 2016, your newly constituted full time CCI support staff dedicated significant time to reflecting on the history of the Conscious Capitalism movement and developing plans to initiate a renewal effort to liberate the heroic spirit of business. Whether the functional activity be communications, fundraising and advancement, or community engagement, we will unveil multiple new initiatives in the coming year to take both the practice and perception of Conscious Capitalism to new heights.

Now, with 2017 in full swing, we’re asking you to follow suit.

Take time to reflect on your experiences with Conscious Capitalism. Then, renew your commitment to engaging with the movement and please share your thoughts with us. Conscious Capitalism exists only with your involvement. For some that’s attending every Chapter meeting throughout the year. For others, it’s posting comments on Facebook, sharing articles from the LinkedIn Movement group or retweeting on Twitter. Some may prefer to put more detailed and private thoughts into an email. Whatever your preferences for interaction, we say, “YES!” to every bit of them.   

Oh…and about the Blog name…who better to name the new Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Blog than the members for whom the organization exists to serve? Details for our CCI Blog Naming Contest will be coming soon. Please keep an eye out for them by ensuring you are subscribed to get all CCI official communications.

In the meantime, we look forward to your feedback and to a conscious and prosperous New Year!

Your Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Team