Throwback Thursday: David Rendall at CC2017


An inherent benefit of being a Conscious Capitalist is that it’s more fun than being an unconscious capitalist. And at our annual conferences, we are mindful to ensure participants experience significant amounts of fun!

One of the favorite speakers from last year’s Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference, was David Rendall, author of The Freak Factor: Discovering Uniqueness by Flaunting Weakness. Check out David’s full session and see why peer authors like Daniel Pink (Drive and A Whole New Mind) say things like:

“Dave Rendall has a radical prescription for chronic dissatisfaction:  Stop working on your weaknesses and start amplifying them instead. The Freak Factor flips the cult of self-improvement on its head with stories of real people who have soared to succeed by embracing their uniqueness.”

Oh…and be prepared to laugh your butt off!