Elevating humanity through business

Quennie Potes


The Conscious Capitalism movement is intended to spread humanity globally through business, and is a mission that gives entrepreneurs and founding business leaders a noble purpose while conducting in their specialty field of work. By setting the example, leaders can model best practices while always maintaining the goal of success. As the Conscious Capitalism community grows, Quennie hopes to reach out to leaders with the same intention through collaboration, and by teaching each other compassion, harmony and integrity.

Quennie holds a B.S. in Marketing from the Rider University School of Business. During her undergraduate years, she was a member of the “Minding our Business” Entrepreneurship program leading teams of middle school students inspiring them to strive for success in the business of their choice. She also enjoyed being a student-athlete on Rider University’s Division I Women’s Soccer team, and acted as the team representative in a majority of events, including the Annual “Women in Sports” Day.

Throughout her professional career, Quennie has over 12 years of marketing experience each in the corporate financial banking sector as a client service professional, and in hospitality as a bartender. She has maintained some great friendships throughout her career, and looks forward to gaining more relationships within the Conscious Capitalism community.  In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and sharing all kinds of cuisine, traveling the globe and learning about different cultures, creating new beverage concoctions, gardening, pottery, reading, and all things soccer.

“A party without cake is just a meeting.” – Julia Child
“A party without drinks is just not as fun.” – Quennie Potes

Amanda Bogorad


Amanda truly believes that business can be a force for good in our communities. It is with that belief that she passionately leads the charge in the Midwest Region’s three chapters in Columbus, Indianapolis, and Kansas City. The best part about her job is working with the Advisory Boards and volunteers whose passion for Conscious Capitalism brings phenomenal speakers, events, and partners to the engaged participants of the Chapters she serves.

With a goal of “make the world a better place,” Amanda has spent the last thirteen years working for nonprofit organizations, governmental organizations, political campaigns, and higher education.

Amanda is passionate about hanging out with the menagerie she keeps at home: her husband, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 6 chickens. She loves being a part of the community and is currently involved in Seeds of Caring, a volunteer organization for kids 2-12 and serving on the PTF at school. At night you can find her teaching ShaktiRize, an empowering all women’s yoga/dance class.

Amanda Conley Ayers


Amanda Conley Ayers believes in human exceptionalism – the idea that ordinary people are capable of doing extraordinary good things. She sees business, particularly conscious business, as one of the most efficient vehicles for the expression of human exceptionalism. Amanda believes that Conscious Capitalism provides a framework that creates opportunities for ordinary people to access authentic happiness by utilizing their unique talents and experience, challenging themselves to be better than expected, working with people to create strong relationships, participating in a goal that is bigger and more important than themselves, enjoying the experience of hard work and competition, and experiencing the joy of accomplishing great things.

Amanda is a graduate of the very first Master of Applied Positive Psychology Program at the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied the science of well-being under the tutelage of Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman. Her work to date focuses on the impact of emotional skills, engagement, resilience, and leadership on individual, organizational, and community excellence. An editor of the Oxford University Press’s The Oxford Handbook of Happiness, Amanda possesses a comprehensive understanding of the psychology of happiness and its many applications. She has worked with organizations across the country to help empower individuals with the practical and emotional skills necessary to be flexible, creative, and active in their communities, so that they may achieve authentic happiness.

Amanda lives in New Jersey with her husband and two children. When she’s not enjoying time with her family, you will find her living out her childhood fantasy of being an actress, singer, dancer, and director of The Washington School Show – a local tradition of more than 70 years. She entertains herself with obscure DIY projects, attempting to write the next great American novel, and doing her part to re-build social capital by enticing her neighbors to participate in monthly bridge games with the promise of reasonably good wine and an assortment of unhealthy snacks.

Tricia Arner


Tricia Arner graduated from Central Michigan University with studies in health promotion and business.  She has worked in the for-profit sector as well as the non-profit sector where she served as Executive Director of a local foundation.

What Tricia loves about Conscious Capitalism (CC) is that it utilizes the platform of business for self-improvement while promoting the greater good of all.  Along with the Great Lakes Bay Region (GLBR) Board and Committees, Tricia is determined to build the CC community and provide practical materials/resources that can help transform the lives of people in their community.

Tricia is on the Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan Advisory Board and volunteers as a speaker for the women’s chapel.  She is also involved with Lutheran Marriage Encounter where she and her husband are presenters and she is also active in her church.

She enjoys bicycling, walking, and spending time with her husband Todd and their two children, Mitchell and Lauren.

Haby Barry


Haby is passionate about Conscious Capitalism because she believes in the collective capacity and power of the human race to work together for a common good, which is for her benefiting humanity so that each individual is equipped and free to reach their God given potential. People spend most of their waking lives working and it is important to be working towards higher purposes that are greater than yourself and directly aligned with the upliftment of yourself and others.

Haby is a strategic marketing professional with over 10 years experience encompassing the technology, non-profit, music, media, entertainment, consumer goods and e-commerce industries. In addition to her role at Conscious Capitalism, she has a jewelry line, Fulaba that has been featured in Allure and Essence magazines. Haby holds a Bachelor’s of Music degree from NYU where she graduated cum laude studying Music Business.

Haby is an avid traveler and lover of the arts with a great appreciation for live music and authentic cuisines. She also embraces an active lifestyle with pursuits of completing a triathlon in the very near future.

Clark Ruper


The discovery of Conscious Capitalism was an “ah ha!” moment in Clark’s professional and personal life. He had always been a fan of entrepreneurship and self-empowerment, but saw that capitalism needed additional institutional and community mechanisms to reach its full potential to elevate humanity. He believes that Conscious Capitalism has the power to do just that.

Clark studied History and Philosophy at the University of Michigan with an emphasis on the impact of intellectual and social movements on American history. He originally intended to teach High School history but got sidetracked on a career in community organizing and organizational leadership.

Clark has worked in organizational growth and development for 12 years with a strong track record of success. In his previous role as Director of Development for the Atlas Network the organization raised $38 million in his three years, compared to $29 million the three years prior.

He grew up outside Detroit, spent ten years on the East Coast, then moved to Chicago (arguably the greatest city in the world), and recently returned home with his wife Greta to be part of Detroit’s renaissance. Passions outside of work include trail running, fishing, football, and yoga.

Email : clark dot ruper @ consciouscapitalism . org

Michael Higgs


Michael is an event producer and project consultant with years of successful experience in event production, systems development, financial oversight, and strategic planning for both the for profit and nonprofit sectors.

He has orchestrated numerous events ranging from executive leadership meetings, to large scale community events with over 100,000 attendees. Michael strives to deliver positive, memorable experiences to clients and guests. His expertise moves freely from strategy to content to execution.

Michael has worked with a wide range of clients, including SunPower, Dell, Belcampo Meat Co., Verizon Wireless, the Food Craft Institute, and the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.

He describes himself as a team player, proactive problem solver, efficiency enthusiast, and consummate learner.

Michael received his BS in Communication with a Liberal Arts emphasis in Math and Science from Boston University. He seeks to create a balance between technology, an urban lifestyle, and time in nature. Michael enjoys a range of physical activities. Those include yoga, kickboxing, surfing, and backcountry wilderness excursions. Michael has lived in Boston, San Diego, Boulder, and currently calls San Francisco home.

Cristina Munoz


Cristina is passionate about Conscious Capitalism because it allows human beings to find their true potential and consistently use their talents to serve a higher purpose. She believes it is our commitment to a higher purpose what makes us efficient in the world. Human beings thrive on hope and love; we are tribal by nature and the Conscious Capitalist community is a place to be of service to others through our inner gifts, our courage, and creativity.

Cristina holds a BSIE from Tecnológico de Monterrey and a MS in Sustainability and Social Innovation from HEC Paris. She has a certificate in Social Business/ Enterprise and Poverty, also from HEC Paris. Her professional background is focused on volunteer work in health care nonprofit organizations and supporting with logistics for an international forum focused on gender equality in the workplace. Prior to joining Conscious Capitalism, Inc, she served in the board of her family’s manufacturing business in Mexico, specializing in continuous improvement.

Cristina was born in Leon, Mexico and spent her early childhood in sunny San Diego, CA. In the last 6 years, she has lived in Montreal, Boston, Paris, and recently returned to California to enjoy the foggy and eclectic city of San Francisco. She considers herself a healthy foodie and an eco-warrior. She loves hiking, camping, stargazing and incorporating conscious consumerism, zero-waste and mindfulness to her everyday life.

Amanda Kathryn Roman


Amanda Kathryn Roman has been fueled by an insatiable curiosity about how people and systems work from a young age. She believes that there is deep wisdom in diversity and cherishes that as the spice of life. For 20+ years, Amanda served in executive capacities traveling in planes, trains, automobiles, buses, subways {even a Swiss gondola} while successfully navigating the board meetings of countless community service organizations; green rooms of local and national media outlets; the halls of Congress; inner sanctums of Fortune 500 companies; offices of international policy organizations and elected officials in multiple countries; the West Wing of the White House and the chambers of state legislatures; as well as the private offices and homes of philanthropists throughout the country facilitating results for happier, healthier, stronger communities and training high performers in the art of next level living & leadership. A dynamic and resilient leader, Amanda serves as a catalyst for positive change grounded in the principles of healing and growth through community while building a culture of contribution.

Areas of expertise include: strategic public-private partnerships; innovation trend analysis; ecosystem strategy and development; transformational event design and production; cross-sector initiatives; training purposeful teams on increasing energy and impact; brand building; turnaround renewal strategy and implementation; and SWOT analysis.

At Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Amanda drives innovation and strategic alignment as well as directs the incubation of learning and development initiatives: collaborative learning experiences that support business leaders around the globe in integrating and implementing conscious business principles through mastermind gatherings, on-site workshops, site visits, and online training curriculum. Additionally, she leads a number of strategic initiatives for the growing global movement of Conscious Capitalists to support a diversified representation of business leaders operating on conscious principles. Amanda also provides organization-wide coaching and serves as a member of the leadership team to support organizational development.

Amanda is married with three children and based in the New York City metropolitan area. She enjoys adventuring in the great outdoors; running marathons; dancing whenever the mood strikes her; drinking espresso, red wine & mezcal {not all at the same time}; reading voraciously; traveling to satisfy her wanderlust soul; and listening to classic rock while she is on the go.

Additionally, Amanda serves as President of the Board of Directors of Policy Jury Group; Founder and CEO of Living Out Loud, an experiential training and coaching firm; Founding Partner of Living Room Conversations; and holds a Masters in High Performance from the High Performance Institute. Select highlights of her professional accolades include the Nonpartisan Trailblazer Award, the Outstanding National Network Architect Award, and the Best Field Representative Award. She was also the inaugural recipient of the eponymous Amanda Hydro Award for Outstanding Leadership & Community Service which is presented annually.

Amanda is passionate about supporting women in unleashing the power of living well and doing good in the boardroom and beyond.

Abby Schwalb


Across the globe, humanity faces a host of challenges that can seem daunting to confront. The potential that exists in the business community for brave solutions to these challenges is palpable. Through business, we have the ability to alleviate poverty, create equity and justice, support health and well being for all and so much more. As the Conscious Capitalist community grows, so will the positive impact we’ll see due to the efforts of dedicated conscious business leaders around the world.

Abby holds a B.A. from West Chester University. Her professional background includes nonprofit volunteer and program coordination, project administration for a top pharmaceutical consulting company, and medical residency education program management. Abby now focuses primarily on events where she can apply her love of building inspiring experiences, facilitating meaningful connections and enthusiastically checking things off of extensive ‘to do’ lists. A one time entrepreneur, Abby and her business partner secured two patents for their unique packaging technology, “The Friend End”. Balm Chicky Balm Balm was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank season 6 and although they didn’t get ‘a deal’, product has been sold at a variety of retailers including Target stores, Wegman’s groceries and select Whole Foods Markets.

Abby is passionate about volunteerism and community involvement. She works closely with the Portland-based grassroots group Free Hot Soup which provides food and life saving supplies to people living on the streets. Abby also produced a semi-annual fundraising event called FINDpdx that benefits a local nonprofit providing support services to survivors of domestic violence and she also supports the Feast food festival which contributes funds to Hunger Free America and Urban Gleaners. In her free time, Abby gets into the great outdoors of her now home state of Oregon as often as possible and has recently begun a rather fervent weaving hobby that has over taken a large portion of both her time and living room.

Find Solutions to Deliver Results Award

As Conscious Capitalists, our team members recognize that conscious leadership is a process of continual improvement. We recognize everyone on our team as a leader and our leadership principles guide us as we strive, individually and together, to improve ourselves daily. We seek to recognize and celebrate our leaders when they exemplify our principles in action. For this purpose, we have created an award to recognize and honor our leaders in a public forum and hold them up as examples of true conscious leadership. This month, we recognize Abby Schwalb for her energy and commitment to the Leadership Principle: Find Solutions to Deliver Results.

This Leadership Principle requires leaders to identify issues before they become problems, acquire the resources they need, and implement solutions. It’s not always easy to identify an issue; it requires an openness to complexity and chaos, a willingness to ask difficult questions, and the capacity to occasionally be wrong.

The embodiment of curiosity and commitment to thinking through challenges; it is no wonder that Abby has excelled in embracing and actioning this principle. A collaborator in spirit and practice, Abby is committed to asking difficult questions; putting together plans to address them; and utilizing the tools and practices designed to help our leaders find the best solutions to deliver timely and effective results. Please join us in celebrating Abby for her exemplary leadership to Find Solutions to Deliver Results!