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Conscious Capitalism Colorado- Conscious Conversation: Mindfulness in Business with Todd Cornell


Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs

A mindfulness practice can be a powerful tool for dealing with the fast-paced and high energy life of any entrepreneur. Focus is an important part of success, and mindfulness can improve focus, therefore improving productivity and creativity. Learn more about what you can do to apply mindfulness in your life to support your success.

Hacking Stress!

Stress is rampant in our homes and our workplaces. The implications of not dealing with stress in a healthy way is showing its ugly face in our relationships, jobs, and lifestyles. Some cry for multi-tasking, but the brain doesn’t get it. Let’s look at simple age-old hacks for improving our lives and increasing productivity at home and at work.

After living in Asia for over 20 years, Todd learned to embrace an “Eastern” approach to life. He studied Buddhism under a Taiwanese Monk for over 10 years and indulged himself in Daoism, and other Eastern philosophies. Todd has practiced meditation daily for 20 years and embraces the shift in mindset that it brings. He has come to realize the power of mindfulness when applied to increase productivity and enhance employee relations.

Mindfulness is a word that has many meanings to many people. Let’s get together to discuss applications of mindfulness and its role in Conscious Capitalism.

What to bring? Your energy and curiosity!

Conscious Capitalism Colorado- Conscious Conversation: The Heart-Driven Leader with Kelly Weiss


Conscious Capitalism includes a powerful pillar of Conscious Leadership. That’s great for creating a leadership style which is attentive to the needs of each individual in an organization, but what about the leader’s own inspiration and motivation towards purpose?

Kelly Weiss will deliver insights on a more connected approach to business and leadership by introducing The 4 premises of Heart-Driven Business: love, abundance, growth, and connection. She’ll lead our discussion about how we can apply this emerging model to our own leadership roles in order to create powerful conscious businesses that lead to greater impact.

Kelly Weiss is a creative storyteller, intuitive marketing & branding strategist and founder of Heart-Driven Business & Leadership School®.

Guided to lead change-makers to align to their purpose and embody their essential nature, Kelly offers heart-driven tools and principles that transform life, business and technology to be used as a force for positive change.

As one of the thought-leaders in the conscious business and personal-transformation spaces, Kelly has guided hundreds of conscious changemakers to integrate intuition, connection, and alignment into their life and business. Which results in them unveiling the path of least resistance and aligning to their purpose, passion and talents – while delivering positive change to themselves and the planet.