SoulPancake’s Shabnam Mogharabi to Keynote CEO Summit


Our ultimate goal as Conscious Capitalists is to elevate humanity through business. Doing so through the creation of awe-inspiring content to tackle head-on some of life’s biggest questions is a globally admired company whose motto is “We make stuff that matters.”

We are pleased to announce SoulPancake CEO, Shabnam Mogharabi, as a keynote for Conscious Capitalism’s 11th annual CEO Summit, October 10-12 at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort in Austin.

The list of explosively viral videos SoulPancake has created is much too long to include here, but maybe you’ve heard of a few.  “Kid President?” (see his “Pep Talk” below) “Take a Seat, Make a Friend?” “Street Compliments?” And, if you hadn’t heard of any of these before, would the fact that SoulPancake’s efforts to celebrate humanity and champion creativity through compelling content have resulted in a YouTube subscriber base of 2.1 million viewers convince you they just might know a thing or two about telling a good story?

Based on a combination of study data and personal narratives, Shabnam’s keynote will show you how joy and gratitude are both good for you as a person and good for business–something SoulPancake knows a lot about! You can read more about Shabnam on her bio page as well as watch below some examples of the integrity, heart and humor that led to SoulPancake’s 2016 acquisition by Participant Media (ever hear of “Waiting for Superman,” “Fast Food Nation,” or “An Inconvenient Truth?”).

We anticipate this year’s CEO Summit to sell out earlier than usual. Don’t miss out on this truly transformational event. Register today!