Sheila Rochefort-Hoehn

Dr. Sheila Rochefort-Hoehn brings to Conscious Capitalism her deep passion for, and experience in, corporate social and environmental responsibility. Sheila has lead her company, The Zen Life Center, to become B Corp certified and continues to be a champion of the greater B Corp movement.

Professionally, Sheila works as an entrepreneur, business owner, writer, and producer. She specializes in creative storytelling, business sustainability coaching and consulting, life coaching, and wellness programs with an emphasis on neurobiology and psychology.

Sheila serves as the President and Co-founder of The Zen Life Center, a certified B Corp, and as Founder and Producer at Blue Earth Media Productions, a Benefit Corporation. She holds a PhD in Counseling; Dual Master’s Degree in Mental Health & Marriage/Family Counseling; PMC in Writing & Publication; Post-grad work & study at Harvard and Hebrew U in Israel.