Marla Holdread

Marla provides business and executive coaching services to CEOs, executives, emerging leaders, business owners, and professionals in both individual and team settings. She is dedicated to helping clients become unstuck, uncover blind spots, accomplish goals, and ultimately reach their full potential.

Marla brings more than 20 years of business experience to her coaching practice. She has led individuals and teams in both small, entrepreneurial businesses and large corporations. Throughout her career, Marla developed a passion for uncovering and developing strengths of individuals. She is intuitive about, drawn to, and fascinated with the uniqueness of each person. She believes that knowledge is power; the more you know about yourself, the better prepared you are to achieve the career and life goals you desire.

As a coach, Marla’s mission is to help create meaning in people’s work by connecting who they are to what they do. Her powerful intuition, blended with her ability to shift perspective, enables others to successfully craft and bring their own ideas and goals to fruition.