Kent Frazier

Kent has spent his entire career helping people understand why they work; how they can contribute towards something bigger than themselves; how to develop & share their unique skills, knowledge, and other talents in ways that bring them a lasting sense of fulfillment; and how to help others through their labors of love. He engages leaders who are committed to long-term success and are dedicated to navigating the increasing speed and complexity of today’s business landscape through continued personal and professional development as they move toward a more full expression of their authentic Self. He believes that to achieve and sustain success in today’s marketplace, leaders and organizations need to develop a more complex perspective. By adopting an Integral approach to business along with the philosophy of Conscious Capitalism, Kent helps organizations maximize profits by integrating their purpose and values with a stakeholder-centric model that acknowledges the interdependency of customers, employees, suppliers/vendors, shareholders, communities, and the environment.