Cristina Estenes


Life is a Journey!
Several years ago, I found myself reevaluating my priorities. With a growing young family, a demanding corporate career, and heading farther into my 30’s – I felt compelled to find a greater sense of purpose in my life.
As the company I worked for hacked its way through multiple reorganizations and eventually bankruptcy, the tension became too much. The things I had been doing to manage my stress weren’t working for me anymore. I love this quote… “The pain pushes you, until the vision pulls you” – Michael Beckwith. I was in dire need of recalibrating, I dove into meditation and discovered Ashtanga Yoga…
And then I found Conscious Capitalism, and the Kansas City Chapter. It opened up my eyes to the possibility of finding a purpose driven organization that was aligned with my own values. I realized I could have it all! Living my authentic self, reconciling all of my interests – consciousness, family, fashion, business. There were people out there like me…I found my tribe.

Cristina Estenes has over 15 year’s experience in Retail Merchandising working in both large and mid-size organizations, across multiple channels (ecommerce, direct mail, brick & mortar) both internationally and domestically. Cristina is passionate about conscious leadership and working for a purpose driven organization, she is currently the Merchandise Planning Manager for Peruvian Connection, a 43 year old Kansas based brand, specializing in luxury knitwear selling via catalog, web, and stores in the US, UK, and Germany.