Christina Zerfas

If you wanted to change the world 400 years ago, you did it through religion; 200 years ago, you did it through government; today, you do it through business.

This concept has guided Christina’s career and eventually led her to Conscious Capitalism. To date, her entrepreneurial efforts have created a range of impact in areas from housing equality, food insecurity, environmental sustainability, and technology equity. In all of her areas of impact, Christina focuses on building sustainable business models that allow companies to serve the purpose business was designed to create: community betterment.

A lover of fun and audacious goals, Christina has built the Midwest’s largest gingerbread house, hosted a hunger banquet for business professionals, traveled to Antarctica, and summited Mount Kilimanjaro—all while simultaneously making the world a better place. Her ability to make this happen follows a simple philosophy: community betterment and profitability are allies, not foes.

In her latest career, Christina aims to engage employees, allowing them to bring their best selves to work, by serving as the Managing Executive of Ohana Software.