Addison Price

As a young professional who is still learning and analyzing theses radical professional changes happening in our world, I’m very intrigued by how we can apply the Conscious Capitalism philosophies/models. I strive to live a life where I am conscious about the people, resources, policies, organizations, and opportunities that help serve a greater good purpose.

Fundamentally I learned principles and values by serving on mission trips, working for a mega-church, and applying the educational degrees I’ve earned. For more than 10 years, I’ve been able to work creatively with national level brands, publications, and advertising agencies across the country. I currently oversee sales & marketing for Media Club – a podcast-first creative production studio in Kansas City.

I believe that audio is the channel to the mind. At Media Club, we are on the pursuit to leverage the power of shared knowledge, information, and storytelling through the podcast we produce.

Apart from my career, I enjoy experiential learning. Often I am believing in big ideas, like hitting my first hole-in-one on a golf course. My time is spent with the ones I love, traveling the world and staying actively healthy.