Portland Chapter: Elevate Business 2018 Conference


The first of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, Conscious Capitalism’s Portland chapter is bringing together leaders from businesses currently operating with a higher purpose and a conscious approach to leading people, creating powerful cultures, meeting customer needs, and working with stakeholders.

Elevate Business 2018 (February 21 in Portland, Oregon) is a conference you don’t want to miss! We will be featuring Dr. Raj Sisodia, one of the founders of the global Conscious Capitalism movement, and co-author of numerous books, including Conscious CapitalismFirms of Endearment, and Everybody Matters. Raj is the author of the original research that shows that businesses that operate with the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism actually outperform the companies in the S&P 500; both in the short term, and in the long term by a staggering 14-to-1 ratio.

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Joining Raj will be some of the Pacific Northwests most notable Conscious Capitalists, including Portland business leader David Howitt, who is the founder and CEO of The Meriwether Group, a private equity, business accelerator, and advisory firm committed to changing how human values are expressed in business. David and his wife created and built Oregon Chai, a beloved NW brand.

Check out the full Elevate Business 2018 conference speaker line-up and register today for this unique opportunity to learn from and with fellow Conscious Capitalists from across the Pacific Northwest.