L.A. Kitchen – Elevating Humanity through Business



We are so excited to have three inspiring “Stories Elevating Humanity through Business” videos to kick off 2017!

Our first is L.A. Kitchen, an East Los Angles-based nonprofit harnessing the power of food to better their community. They recover fresh fruit and vegetables to be used in a culinary arts job-training program for former inmates and young adults leaving the foster care system.

The business was founded by nonprofit pioneer, Robert Egger, who previously ran the renowned D.C. Central Kitchen, which has prepared millions of meals for low-income and at risk residents of that city since it opened in 1989.

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Greyston CEO to Keynote CC2017



We are so pleased to share that Greyston Bakery president and chief executive officer, Mike Brady, has been announced as a keynote speaker at Conscious Capitalism 2017. The ninth annual conference—promoting business as force for good to elevate humanity-—will be held in Philadelphia, April 18-20.

As the first registered benefit corporation in the state of New York, Greyston Bakery is an exemplary company practicing Conscious Capitalism. Greyston is heralded by consumers for its decadent brownies, which are also the featured ingredient in Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Half-Baked™ ice cream flavors. However, it is the company’s innovative Open Hiring™ Model that is setting the bar for what it means to be a responsible business in the 21st century.  

As Brady explains it, “Open Hiring fundamentally disrupts traditional HR practices by investing in bringing people in rather spending to screen people out. Open Hiring creates opportunities for people who have often been excluded, filling jobs without judging applicants. No questions asked. Period.”
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Elevating Humanity through Blogging


Welcome to the new Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Blog!

This is where we will share with the Conscious Capitalism community a regular supply of thoughtful and compelling content to help advance the purpose of our movement, which is to elevate humanity through business. And, yes, since it has yet to be officially named, you will get a chance to put your creativity to work and suggest one as part of our CCI Blog Naming Contest…keep reading to find out how.

The launch of this Blog is just one of many commitments we are making as part of CCI’s 2017 Strategic Communications Plan. As you will experience in the coming months, CCI is renewing its focus on providing you–the movement’s extremely dedicated members–with every bit of information and empowerment we can to spread the good word of Conscious Capitalism. Continue reading…