GSD&M Chairman Roy Spence to Keynote 2017 CEO Summit


Chances are you’ve heard the Lone Star State’s rally cry of “Don’t Mess with Texas!” But did you know that the co-founder and current chairman of the advertising agency which created that iconic slogan is an exemplary practitioner of Conscious Capitalism?

We are very pleased to announce GSD&M’s Roy Spence, as a keynote speaker at Conscious Capitalism’s 11th annual CEO Summit, October 10-12 in Austin, TX.

At GSD&M, Roy pioneered the brand management model, “Purpose Based Branding,” and earned industry accolades such as “Ad Man of the Year” and “Idea Man of the Century,” as well as recently being inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame (see video below). Along with Haley Rushing, he authored the Wall Street Journal bestselling book, It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For. He is also the co-founder and CEO of The Purpose Institute in Austin, where he encourages businesses to adhere to the following:

“In a company without purpose, people have no idea what they’re really there to do. They often look to the competition to decide what to do rather than navigate by their own sense of what’s right. With a purpose in place an organization knows its reason for being and is driven to perform and innovate. Purpose sets you apart from the competition, authenticates your brand, inspires passion in your people and helps you achieve the impossible.”

From a “roasting” by his GSD&M co-founders to the inspiring introduction by President Bill Clinton, Roy’s heart is recognized as being what led him to success in advertising, leadership and all aspects of life at his Advertising Hall of Fame induction.