CCAC2018 Keynote: Author Michael Gelb


Michael Gelb is the world’s leading authority on the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development. He is a pioneer in the fields of creative thinking, accelerated learning, and innovative leadership. He is the author of 15 books on creativity and innovation including the international best seller, How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day.

Michael’s latest book, The Art of Connection: 7 Relationship-Building Skills Every Leader Needs Now reminds us of the human element that is central to the practice of Conscious Capitalism–specifically how developing rapport with others is not just a business tool to enhance productivity but a valuable end in itself.

We are thrilled to share that Michael Gelb will be speaking at the 2018 Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference.  You can see why Michael’s How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci became an influential book among innovative entrepreneurs by watching the below video. And you will learn why his The Art of Connection will help tomorrow’s businesses thrive through building genuine connections with their stakeholders if you join us in Dallas this spring for the largest gathering of Conscious Capitalists yet!