CC2018 Keynote: Student Maid CEO, Kristen Hadeed


Kristen Hadeed really screwed up. When three quarters of her staff quit on the same day, the founder and CEO of Student Maid didn’t give up. Instead she chose to listen, learn and change.

Student Maid became a company known not for failure, but for a culture of trust, accountability, and empowerment, and as a result, a great success too.

Kristen has put all the difficult lessons she learned into a new book, Permission to Screw Up. Her hope is that it will inspire others with the knowledge that mistakes can, and should, be made on the road to success.

She will join a growing list of inspiring keynote speakers lined up for the 2018 Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference (April 30 to May 2). Watch Kristen’s TEDx talk on how listening to your inner child can take you places beyond your wildest dreams…and then don’t miss out on early bird pricing by registering for CC2018 before January 31.