CC2018 Keynote: Poo-Pourri’s Suzy Batiz


You might already know Poo-Pourri from one of their viral videos.  But what you might not know is the inspiring story of how the company’s founder turned a $25,000 startup into a global, multi-million dollar brand and household name using unconventional marketing acumen and creativity along with mindful and earth conscious business practices. For the first few decades of her life, Poo-Pourri founder and CEO, Suzy Batiz, ignored her instincts and played by the “rules.” But after a second bankruptcy, she threw the rule book out for good and founded a new company in a way that was, well, radical.

She built Poo-Pourri into a $300 million business using what she calls the Radical Resonance System™, a body wisdom method that combines somatic training, quantum physics and interpersonal evolutionary processes. The company is a top place to work, play and profit for dozens of employees she lovingly calls her “poo crew.”

Check out the below video to hear what Suzy has to say about how her experiences can help you grow your own conscious business…and then make sure to register today (so you don’t miss out on the Early Bird discount!) for the 2018 Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference (April 30 – May 2) where you’ll join Suzy along with the largest gathering of Conscious Capitalists in one setting yet!