CC2017: Pivot to Power


Coming up at CC2017: “Pivot to Power: 3 Steps to be Your Best Self” by Mark Youngblood founder & CEO, Inner Mastery, Inc.

Emotional Intelligence is key to Conscious Leadership. Most people want to be their best selves, but the emotional reactions that result from daily pressures, conflicts, and challenges make it a difficult goal to achieve. In this fun and engaging workshop, I provide a new understanding of the role of emotions and highlight the consequences of avoiding negative emotions.  We will then work through a powerful three-step process for transforming emotional reactions and Pivoting To Power to be the leader and person you aspire to be.

This talk is interactive from the beginning to the end. I involve the participants in exploring key points, and create mini-breakouts for people to reflect and explore insights together. Participants will work through the 3-Step Max the Moment process that enables the Pivot to Power, using a real-life example from their own experience. The insights and tools gained through this workshop will be immediately relevant in their personal lives and and help elevate their conscious leadership.