Business Relief for Puerto Rico: Part 4 – The Community Center


This is the fourth in a five-post series about Conscious Capitalism CEO, Alexander McCobin’s, recent relief trip to Puerto Rico and plans for rallying businesses to help in the rebuilding effort following Hurricane Maria’s devastation. 

Our third and final stop in San Juan (we only had 5 hours on the ground and it took a lot of time to get around the city given the conditions) was a community center that feeds 400 people for each meal.

This center already had a large kitchen. It was being used constantly to support the community. But people don’t always make it to the center. And there are more that the center can’t support because they don’t have the capacity.

So, we showed the oven to regular visitors to get their reaction. The response was the same: people wanted this.

We didn’t have much time at the center. As soon as we made the food, we gave out the last of the ovens and headed to the airport.


In the last post, I’ll provide reflections on the experience and the importance of business playing a leadership role in providing relief for Puerto Rico and disaster situations in general.