The Conscious Capitalism Speakers Bureau is a select group of successful business leaders who share their personal stories, best practices, and lessons learned in overcoming adversity and achieving success in pursuit of building businesses that are good, ethical, noble and heroic.

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Together we are shifting the cultural lens through which business is both practiced and perceived. Our stories demonstrate that business is the greatest force for good when practiced consciously. Join us by requesting a transformational speaking experience for your organization or event.


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We Are Human

Together, we have decades of hands-on experience and global networks that inspire, educate and empower audiences around the world while they work to elevate humanity through business each and every day.

CEO, Great Place to Work

Michael C. Bush is CEO of Great Place to Work, where he leads the global enterprise of more than 50 offices around the world. Under Michael’s leadership, Great Place to Work has evolved its mission and methodology to recognize companies that build great workplaces for all employees, regardless of who they are or what they do for their company. He also is co-author of the newly published book, A Great Place to Work For All: Better for Business, Better for People, Better for the World.

Before joining Great Place to Work in 2015, he served as president of the 8 Factors, an online learning organization that he founded; CEO of Clark Sustainable Resource Developments; and CEO of Tetra Tech Communications, which he grew from $40 million to $300 million in revenues. Michael is a founding board member of the private equity seed-fund, Fund Good Jobs, which educates, accelerates, and invests in small inner-city businesses that lead to equitable communities for all. Michael has taught entrepreneurship courses at Stanford University and Mills College, and served as a member of President Obama’s White House Business Council. He earned his M.S. in management from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Michael lives in his hometown of Oakland, California, with his wife Melba. Michael has two adult sons, Matthew and Martin, and a daughter in-law Lisa, married to Matthew.

He can often be found playing jazz saxophone with his septet ‘The Ways and Means Committee’ in the Bay Area.

CEO Stagen Leadership Academy & Conscious Capitalism Inc. Board Member

Rand Stagen is a Partner of the Stagen Leadership Academy. Established in 1999, the Academy trains leaders from across North America who are committed to long-term personal development and using their organizational platforms for positive impact. He is a sought-after speaker to diverse audiences at universities, conferences, and industry events on the topic of leading conscious businesses. He earned his B.A. in Political Science from Southern Methodist University and lives in Dallas with his wife and two daughters.

FW Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business and Whole Foods Market Research Scholar in Conscious Capitalism, Babson College; Co-founder & Chairman Emeritus, Conscious Capitalism Inc.

Raj Sisodia is FW Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business and Whole Foods Market Research Scholar in Conscious Capitalism at Babson College, and Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Conscious Capitalism Inc. He has a Ph. D. in Marketing from Columbia University. Raj is co-author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business (2013) and Wall Street Journal bestseller Everybody Matters (2015). He was named one of “Ten Outstanding Trailblazers of 2010” by Good Business International, and one of the “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior” by Trust Across America for 2010 and 2011. Raj received an honorary doctorate from Johnson & Wales University in 2016. Raj has published ten books and over 100 academic articles. His book Firms of Endearment: How World Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose was named a top business book of 2007 by He has consulted with numerous companies, including AT&T, Nokia, LG, DPDHL, POSCO, Kraft Foods, Whole Foods Market, Tata, Siemens, Sprint, Volvo, IBM, Walmart, Rabobank, McDonalds and Southern California Edison. He is on the Board of Directors at The Container Store and a trustee of Conscious Capitalism Inc.

Chair Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation, Singularity University and Executive Director, Fastrack Institute

Pascal is Singularity University’s Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation and a parallel entrepreneur. His work focuses on the intersection of technology, global impact, and leadership; inspiring, educating and empowering entrepreneurs, corporate irritants and change makers to tackle the most intractable problems of our times.

He has spent his career pushing the boundaries of technology and passionately believes the internet can deeply impact the betterment of mankind. He got started on the net before there was a web browser, founded a series of technology startups, led eBay’s Platform Solutions Group in Europe, launched a consulting firm helping entrepreneurs with their strategy & operations, invested into early-stage tech startups, led Mozilla’s Innovation Lab, created Mozilla’s accelerator program WebFWD, headed up Mozilla’s Office of the Chair and has invested into social impact organizations around the globe at Further he founded the nonprofit organizations Mentor for Good and The Coaching Fellowship; the “GyShiDo” (Get Your S%#& Done) movement and publishes the opinionated newsletter, “The Heretic”, which is read by ten of thousands of change-makers globally. Recently he published “The Heretic – Daily Therapeutics for Entrepreneurs” book.

Founder and Chief Inventor of THINX, TUSHY, WILD and author of best-seller‚ Do Cool Shit‚ CCI Board Member
CEO, Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

Alexander is CEO of Conscious Capitalism, Inc., a US-based organization dedicated to elevating humanity by improving the practice and perception of business. Alexander became CEO of Conscious Capitalism in July, 2017, after serving 15 months as co-CEO alongside Doug Rauch. Alexander joined Conscious Capitalism with experience in the nonprofit, for-profit, and academic fields.

Most recently before joining Conscious Capitalism, Alexander served as co-founder and president of Students For Liberty, a nonprofit organization that teaches the principles of a free society to young people and empowers them to make a difference in their communities; in Alexander’s last year as president, Students For Liberty was operating in over 100 countries, included nearly 2,000 student groups, organized 100 conferences for 20,000 participants, and trained over 1,500 volunteer leaders.

Alexander graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008 with a BA in philosophy and economics and a MA in philosophy. He began a PhD program in philosophy at Georgetown University with the intention of becoming a professor, but ended with a Master’s degree when it became apparent that his principal interests lay outside the Ivory Tower. During undergraduate and graduate schools, Alexander simultaneously started and assisted in starting several other businesses in both the for profit and nonprofit realms ranging from introducing high school debate programs to underserved youth in Philadelphia to providing low-cost travel planning to businesses.


Email: alexander @

Innovation Lead, Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

Amanda Kathryn Roman has been fueled by an insatiable curiosity about how people and systems work from a young age. She believes that there is deep wisdom in diversity and cherishes that as the spice of life. For 20+ years, Amanda served in executive capacities traveling in planes, trains, automobiles, buses, subways {even a Swiss gondola} while successfully navigating the board meetings of countless community service organizations; green rooms of local and national media outlets; the halls of Congress; inner sanctums of Fortune 500 companies; offices of international policy organizations and elected officials in multiple countries; the West Wing of the White House and the chambers of state legislatures; as well as the private offices and homes of philanthropists throughout the country facilitating results for happier, healthier, stronger communities and training high performers in the art of next level living & leadership. A dynamic and resilient leader, Amanda serves as a catalyst for positive change grounded in the principles of healing and growth through community while building a culture of contribution.

Areas of expertise include: strategic public-private partnerships; innovation trend analysis; ecosystem strategy and development; transformational event design and production; cross-sector initiatives; training purposeful teams on increasing energy and impact; brand building; turnaround renewal strategy and implementation; and SWOT analysis.

At Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Amanda drives innovation and strategic alignment as well as directs the incubation of learning and development initiatives: collaborative learning experiences that support business leaders around the globe in integrating and implementing conscious business principles through mastermind gatherings, on-site workshops, site visits, and online training curriculum. Additionally, she leads a number of strategic initiatives for the growing global movement of Conscious Capitalists to support a diversified representation of business leaders operating on conscious principles. Amanda also provides organization-wide coaching and serves as a member of the leadership team to support organizational development.

Amanda is married with three children and based in the New York City metropolitan area. She enjoys adventuring in the great outdoors; running marathons; dancing whenever the mood strikes her; drinking espresso, red wine & mezcal {not all at the same time}; reading voraciously; traveling to satisfy her wanderlust soul; and listening to classic rock while she is on the go.

Additionally, Amanda serves as President of the Board of Directors of Policy Jury Group; Founder and CEO of Living Out Loud, an experiential training and coaching firm; Founding Partner of Living Room Conversations; and holds a Masters in High Performance from the High Performance Institute. Select highlights of her professional accolades include the Nonpartisan Trailblazer Award, the Outstanding National Network Architect Award, and the Best Field Representative Award. She was also the inaugural recipient of the eponymous Amanda Hydro Award for Outstanding Leadership & Community Service which is presented annually.

Amanda is passionate about supporting women in unleashing the power of living well and doing good in the boardroom and beyond.

We Are Bold

Our Speaking Experiences Include The Following Topics


  • Conscious Leadership
  • Purpose Work
  • Conscious Culture
  • The Healing Organization
  • Marketing as Healing
  • Exponential Thinking Primer
  • Discovering Your Higher Purpose
  • Future-Proof Your Organization
  • Community and Yourself
  • Stakeholder Mapping & Management
  • Digitization Decoded
  • Cultivating a Conscious Culture
  • Leadership in Exponential Times
  • Decipher the Secret Code Giving Co
  • Hero’s Journey: Navigating Uncharted Territory As A Leader
  • Everybody Matters: Why How You Lead Trumps Who You Lead
  • Aligning and Integrating Stakeholders for Optimum Performance
    • Shakti Leadership: Leverage Feminine and Masculine Power for Conscious Capitalism
    • Thrive in a World Where Tomorrow Will Not Look Anything Like Today
    • Conscious Capitalism: Becoming a Firm of Endearment
    • “Conscious Capitalism”: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business

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