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Membership is available to anyone who is open, thoughtful, curious and respectful of others. CEO Membership is available to CEOs and Presidents of companies with annual operating revenues of $10MM or more who share in Conscious Capitalism’s values and strive to actualize Conscious Capitalism in their businesses.

Members receive certain benefits, as outlined on the table below.

Benefits by Membership Levels

Membership levels:


    In addition to Free Membership benefits, Sponsoring Members receive:

  • Special Content on the Conscious Capitalism website
  • Early invitations to conferences and other special events

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If you are interested in becoming a CEO Member, please review the guidelines for CEO Summit Attendance. If qualified, contact

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Annual Cost $120 $500 $1000
Special content
Early Invitations
CEO Summit Invitation

In addition to individual membership, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is committed to creating a peer community of Corporate Members, based on shared values and vision. If you'd like to join the Conscious Capitalism Corporate Membership community we invite you to start the process by contacting Julie van Amerongen:

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